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We welcome you to the official website of The Chile Cultural Society. We are a volunteer based nonprofit organization based in Boston, MA. Our team is comprised of a multicultural group of enthusiasts with a common interest in South American culture.

This project began as a project of the Boston University Program of Latin American Studies with our partner website Our team of contributors is graduate students who have the interdisciplinary understanding of the Latin American region providing the breadth and depth to understand the diversity and complexities of the region.

The mission of the Chile Cultural Society is to promote the culture and history of Chile and to create a comprehensive picture of the country available on-line. Our vision is to provide objective information for research and for those who wish to visit the country for business or pleasure.

On the pages of this site we will try to reveal facts, research and new ideas about the diverse and rich country of Chile as well as uncover its history, natural resources and life in general.

We hope you enjoy visiting . If you have questions about the material presented here or have suggestions, do not hesitate to contact us at:

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