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Africa is the world’s second largest continent after Asia and it has 54 sovereign states. It borders the Mediterranean Sea to the north, the Red Sea and the Suez Canal to the northeast, the Atlantic Ocean to the west and the Indian Ocean to the southeast. The earliest evidence of the origin of humans have been found in Eastern Africa. Africa is a vast and diverse continent with each region having its own culture, it has enormous natural resources and beautiful landscapes. Kenya Safaris  Safaris offer a wonderful holiday for wildlife lovers, they can be done to suit most budgets and offer a fascinating insight in to the continent of Africa and its spectacular wildlife. Masai Mara Safari Kenya specializes in hotel booking, lodge and camping safaris, mountain climbing and beach … Read entire article »

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Oceania is home to the world’s most beautiful white beaches, coral reefs, tropical fish and volcanic islands. The continent is grouped by regions. Australia and New Zealand form Australasia, both are the largest countries in the continent and receive the largest numbers of visitors. The Micronesia region is located north of the Equator. Polynesia includes country nations east of the Pacific. Melanesia consists of the island of New Guinea to the north of Australia and other countries in the southwest Pacific make up the remainder of the area. Australian aboriginals are not considered Melanesian.   … Read entire article »

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Asia covers almost 9% of the earth’s surface area and is largest and most populated continent with approximately 3.879 billion people or 60% of the current world’s population. Asia differs broadly within its regions when it comes to culture, ethnicity, religion, history and governments. This diversity is what makes Asia an interesting place to visit and learn about their rich culture and history. In Asia the past blends with the present and the future. You find ancient ruins, impressing temples, breathtaking views and ultra-modern cities fizzling with energy. Air Tickets to India   Book  Air ticket offers guaranteed cheapest deal on all flights to India; also get special discounts & offers on all airlines to India flights for any destination like Delhi, Mumbai Chennai Kolkata  Goa or any destination in India. You … Read entire article »

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